Law Of AssumptionI am at a place in my life, where I am both happy and content and I can talk about my past without being triggered/ affected by them. I am done with it and it worries me no more. It is now a different world to me, a different life that is far away from the past, nothing from the past can mess with my present. At the same time, I don’t want to forget it or get rid of it, instead I see it as an important part of my journey of life. With my story I know there is nothing left to fear, since I overcame all of this & travelled this far all on my own, and for this realisation I am thankful to my journey.

One of the most asked questions when it comes to Law Of Assumption:

  • How Do You Make Yourself Believe In The Law?
  • How Do You Overcome Your Doubts & Fears?
  • How Did You Get Rid Of Your Separation Anxiety?
  • How Do You Believe Everyone Is You Pushed Out While Being With Violent Or Abusive People?

There comes a point in all our lives, when our emotional pain from the past grows so much on us that we are unable to handle it. So, what to do now, how to deal with this situation. For all of us, there is one thing that could be done, remember the saying: Past paves the way for present. Learn from this saying and let go of the past and enter the place where you will have nothing but pure love. But for some of us, this lasts only a moment as we fall for the illusion of the world again.

But one should refuse to give up. All of us have that power to heal ourselves and this process begins after we try to understand why all of these things happened to us, at first. It is here when teachings of Neville play their role, especially his teachings about the Law of Assumption.

Law Of Assumption

According to Neville Goddard: Our imagination is God & we suffer from the stories that we accept as to be true in our world. Not because of punishment or any outside force that decides for us, all this happened just because of our beliefs.

Now, empowered with the knowledge of Neville and when we have understood everything, we will feel nothing but bliss. We should let go of the old story that we were attached to and keep telling ourselves that all the pain that we felt was a result of our beliefs and assumptions about ourselves and our world and when we give it up, all of it will disappear in one go.

If we let our happiness become affected by the outside circumstances, then it will always lead to loss and grief for us.

Do not blame anyone for things that go against your wishes in your life.

Using Neville’s teachings, we come to learn that all the love that we were seeking out in this creation till date was already there with us. We were unable to see it because we were refusing to accept its existence. If we let go of the past & take full responsibility for our present, then things will be different altogether.

Our doubts and fears will never take us anywhere. It will be a journey that has no destination. You will gain nothing from it, just sleepless nights & the feeling of being miserable. So, take this from me that there is nothing to lose by fully believing in yourself.

Self confidence when used in the correct direction can do wonders. In simple words, Neville’s: Law Of Assumption is something that allows us to deal with our problems in a successful way and harvest the best out of us, all just by assuming that one can do it.

With the realisation that our imagination is God, we are left with no choice but to accept that our imagination is as real as anything else we experience. So our imagination turns into reality. Our imagination becomes a golden tool for us to experience whatever we want. Have trust in its power and your wounds from the past will be healed in no time.

You will discover the state of self-love by giving up all of the reasons to feel not loved this very moment. When the universe exists inside me, so is all the love I was seeking out.

Daring to assume that everything is possible if imagined, put this one reality to the extreme test by assuming yourself to be the person you would like to be. Your reasonable mind along with outer senses will resist it; but it is a promise, if you persist, you will receive your assumption. Believe me, you are the same God who created & sustains the universe. Neville Goddard

Continue with this new found belief of yours, to be the God/Goddess of your life, no matter how stupid it might sound at first. It is your decision, to be now, who I always wanted to be, without the need of any outside confirmation.

At last, you will find peace and calmness within. As a creator of your life, you will find no more reasons to doubt or to fear anything, as it wouldn’t make any sense. Treat every loss or any obstacle as an illusion, as shadows, they will fade, your past included.

If you are enjoying this wonderful feeling, then promise yourself that you won’t give this away anymore. All the pain will fade away and you will discover that you are invincible. Your life at this moment reflects your new beliefs and you will manifest your desires effortless.

Your life now is filled with both love and inspiration. There is nothing that you will miss, no loss & no grief. You can feel the fountain of love within your heart and treat every desire of yours as a new chance to experience more of that love inside you. Every desire is a new extension of being in love. Manifest this love in many ways in friends, in relationships and within your art.

Think of this your new life, as being in bliss.

The walls of illusion around you will break down on their own, if you dare to believe. Let faith take over doubt, love over fear and accept the world is you pushed out minus any blame or shame. The universe is not against you, it never was, it is always fully in your support.

If you want love, feel loved now simply because you deserve it unconditionally & you will be free.

You are always right about what you assume, so make a decision to assume only the best about yourself. It is never too late & nothing is ever lost. Everything you desire is here for you, the only thing it takes is your decision & dedication towards yourself.

You are invincible, because you are love.

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