We congratulate you as you begin your spiritual awakening journey. The very reason that brought you here has a divine origin for sure and you should be thankful to him. Maybe beyond your imagination. So don’t worry about how you are feeling inside at the moment, just be grateful to where you are right now because it is the only thing that matters.

Talking about my life in the present moment, I remember a lot of my near and dear ones who have had a much more “stable” linear life as compared to my life curve. The very reason behind this could be that they’ve never felt their inside that urge to look for answers and grow both personally and spiritually.

In other words, people who have the same upbringing can end up having a different future. Like 2 kids of a poor/rich parent end up being poor and rich when in their life’s prime. So, a past and a present can never be the depiction of what the future has in reserve for us. Our Karma decides our future, no matter whenever and wherever we have started our journey.

Getting to know that I AM God and that I can be, do, and have anything I desire, was the reward that I earned after going through all the heartaches till date. So, like me, if you too have discovered this teaching of law as instructed by Neville Goddard because of those hard times and heartaches, consider this a blessing and welcome your spiritual awakening. This is that wonderful gift one could ask for.

We Can Benefit From These Teachings Only When We Are Ready

If you’ve read some of Neville Goddard’s work, which I definitely advise you to do, you will get a feeling that he was a very spiritual man, but still an atheist. Despite the fact that he referred to the Bible more often, Neville found it difficult to understand people who took the Bible to be a literal storybook. And this was the very reason that I am fascinated by Neville as I could totally relate to him.

Ever since I got my hands on my first personal development book when I have just turned 18, I was aware of the fact that there was more to this physical world than meets the eyes. But despite these thoughts in my mind, I wasn’t ready to fully embrace the book’s teachings. I still allowed the 3D world to rule my life for years to come before I finally came across the reality and woke up.

Time travelling into my past, I know that I couldn’t be the coach that I am today, with the load of experience that I have earned, have I not been through those challenging times, that I have been through till date. I am fully convinced as of today that this was the path that became the very reason behind my spiritual awakening and finally transformed my life for good.

Like me, if you too have ended up finding Neville Goddard’s teaching, which is famously called the Law Of Assumption or simply the law, it’s because you were ready. People who are still not ready for this will not find this type of teaching. The bridges of incidents that brought you here to your spiritual awakening were what you were asking for either consciously/subconsciously.

You Are Your Own God

Stop believing in God & start believing as God. – Neville Goddard

I am not aware of you, but this is THE most powerful teaching that I have ever encountered and I am sure that there is no other more powerful teaching than this one out there. I believe that after a 20 year search I deserve to say these words. What could be more powerful than knowing that you have all the required power needed to transform your entire life whichever way you want it to go?

If you ask me, waking up in the morning daily, knowing the fact that just being in the state of my wish being fulfilled will take me to my desire, is priceless. What else is there? I am sure that my desire is a done deal. It is assured.

Believe that you are already that person. If this belief is untouched until it becomes your dominant feeling, the attainment of your ideal is assured. – Neville Goddard

The very moment you develop a habit of waking up with this belief every morning, you will become unstoppable. You will leave your life with no choice, but to be on your side. You will fully understand that your outside world is YOU pushed out.

Every awakened imagination works with an aim. It both creates and conserves the desirable, and transforms or destroys the undesirable. – Neville Goddard

When you are firm that YOU ARE God, that you are “the operant power”, according to Neville, your life will change, as you want it to. As I’m confident that you know, during the years you have attempted to sort out that LOA (Law Of Attraction) teaching, never did you hear that YOU ARE God, since this teaching doesn’t have its origins in the law of attraction, but from the Law, as shared by Neville Goddard. This is why when we found that out, we put a stop on our search and began learning and applying instead.

There Was No Specific Person Since The Start

It is fine of you,to not fully accept this right now, but it was never about your specific person because it’s all about you.

The very reason that you found these teachings of the law is because you were at a point where YOU needed this and YOU were ready for it too. Your specific person, that ex that you want back in your life, it’s just a bridge of incident that will take you to your own spiritual awakening.

Give it a thought, in what state you were, when you lost them anyway? I am no stranger to such feelings because I’ve been there! The truth of the matter is that till the time your inner wounds heal, no matter how many specific persons you are going to manage to manifest, you will always get the same result. Because your specific person can only reflect what’s going on inside you. In other words, they are you pushed out.

It was never about your specific person from the start, because it’s your consciousness, your world, your spiritual awakening journey. I have had a lot of clients who first came to me for help to get their specific person back, but in the end, I’m happy to share that they discovered themselves. They didn’t give up on their SP, no they didn’t, they had an awakening that their specific person is not their life’s centerpiece anymore.

It is you, who is your life’s centerpiece. You are the one from which everything begins. It is your spiritual awakening journey, and it is YOU who needs to undergo a change and it is YOU you need to love. Once you are clear with this concept, your whole world changes for good. You will not only get your specific person back, you will get yourself back alongwith. It was always there somewhere lying unnoticed inside, as you had lost touch with your own self until you reestablished that precious communication again.

A very Happy spiritual journey and awakening. I have shared with you through this article, the very tools needed to transform your life by understanding what it truly is and who you truly are.

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