You are correct in saying that you are a pure & undeniable love- it’s the essence of who you really are. But does that mean your expectations of being loved by someone is wrong?

In our daily life, we come F2F with countless relationships all around us, from those who are unaware of the Law, and they are both very fulfilled and happy. There are no rules, boundaries, or platforms that we are bound to. Having a desire to be with a specific person, does not mean that you are placing them too high on a podium. It also does not mean that only you can be on a podium, and they cannot, and only then can you manifest them back in your life.

If you believe me then that desperation to be with a specific person, is not always due to a lack of self love, or not valuing yourself. It is just a simple lack of understanding regarding who you really are, and how things work in real life. Yes, any one of us can be filled with self love, but if we are not aware that our lover is just showing up what we expect them to, we might never modify our assumptions, when there’s a talk about the things that should be changed for better times to arrive in a relationship.

Specific Person

Your wish to be with a specific person, does not make you less of a God/Goddess. The desire to love, and be loved, to lean on someone, and have them lean on you, is a very valid wish, there is no need to worry about that. All of us require such relationships in our life to make things better and deal with hard times. If you are missing a specific person, then that does not mean that you are walking the wrong road. I am sure that all of us have that someone special in our lives- a friend, family, child, pet or spouse- whom we miss, despite knowing that they will always be a part of our lives, no worry.

Our assumptions beneath these desires, decide how things unfold for us. Some of us might compare our missing someone to our neediness, but this is not the real truth, when you come F2F with the real you.

Missing & desiring someone, does not have to be compared to lack of valuing yourself, or knowing that your manifestations are yours. This might cause one to get a feeling that there is something wrong going on with us, leading us to play mind games with our specific person, which is something that will work against us when in a happy relationship.

True love asks for a clear heart and no mind games. You manifest your specific person in your life with honesty and not being clever minded. Do not play with your specific person to achieve their love, be honest with them and they will come back to you even when far apart. It would be like you are the North pole and your specific person the South Pole and like universal law of attraction both cannot resist any force, just come together.

When you are expecting some affection from your lover, or are looking in their eyes asking them to make the first move minus any words, that does not mean you do not love yourself enough, or that you are less of a God/Goddess. These desires are given to all of us by God, and it is only us that differentiates between them as beliefs and morals- Don’t put him/her on the podium. Only you are supposed to be on the podium.

Both me and my lover are on podiums. When you learn about true self, and discover how reality works, you neither de-value yourself, others, or your desires. For all of us there comes a time in life, when we love having someone on whom we can depend, and create dreams to work through our life with, learning and growing together. I love having someone on whose shoulder I can cry, and who will be there for me in the times when I need them most.

I say, it reflects my willingness to open myself up to a person, while being fully aware of the fact that the other person is myself pushed out. It shows my trust in myself, and me understanding myself in complete. It tells me to go ahead and experience life here as a human, with all its ups and downs.

If they refuse to accept me, then my love for them can also mean love for myself, since they are myself. It is that time when we are presented with false concepts, when we begin to believe in this wrong idea that wanting or missing our specific person, means we are lacking something within us.

Walking down the life, one thing became clear to me : what manifesting a specific person truly meant. If I am God, then I would never ever doubt my desires. I would never let myself feel bad for desiring or wanting or missing someone, or anything for that matter.

I never feel empty inside in the moments when my boyfriend is not there. I take this feeling with the naturalness of being in a relationship, experiencing life here in this creation. The only person that I ask for permission from is just myself, and same goes for you. Make yourself the very person who decides for you when to feel good and when to feel bad. Never ever give someone else this control, if you want to manifest your specific person. Your feeling of naturalness & having, is completely unique.

Loving oneself can also mean that you want to learn about how manifesting works, because you desire a better life for yourself. It is only when you desire to make this a lifestyle, and you go through life with this understanding, that desiring means to have. This alone is the reason enough for me to never claim that there is something lacking within me.

Your desires, each & every one of them, coming from God, are neutral, and should only be differentiated through the eyes of understanding who you really are. Make a promise to yourself to never condemn someone for a desire they have, but uplift & encourage them instead, believing in the saying that anything is possible. For you are God and why would you believe anything else.

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