Being aware of oneself in each and every moment is crucial to understand how and why our reality is reflecting something back to us. In the absence of this very awareness, one can easily become a victim of old patterns and cycles- recycling the same types of relationships and experiences. And the result would be that one would get a feeling that s/he needs to change another person by the use of force and effort, without first exploring what is being displayed back to you. But we will not be changing others. As Neville has said, there is no one to change but self.

Most of the time, manifestation is pursued with a perspective of separation- a place of reaching, striving and grasping. But when someone feels an urge to approach a relationship or a connection in this manner, it is a compulsion that is led from their current state of being. Important thing here is, one feels the need to.

Give it a serious thought- why do you feel the need to pursue manifesting a relationship from a place of grasping? Are you afraid that you have no time? Are you placing your life & happiness on hold, or attaching both your happiness & fulfilment to the relationship? Are you stopping yourself from receiving affection aka love, because of the fear that something might go wrong? Or maybe you are waiting for the other shoe to drop because you are being overprotective of self.

These stories that we are talking about are not random and when we are unaware of the reality that we are accepting them in an ignorant state of being, they can turn up as a hindrance in allowing ourselves to fully persist in the end result. It can stop us from being who we would be minus these false identities, and therefore stop us from embracing who we really are. It can stop us from both maintaining & experiencing a beautiful relationship with our specific person.

Projection Of One’s Own Shadow Transforms The Whole World Around, Into A Replica Of His/Her Own Unknown Face : Carl Jung

One’s state of mind is his/her navigator in this ocean of life. In other words, a happy mindset no matter whether it is poor in terms of resources can help one navigate through ups and downs of life without any hassles. And leave this body, with his/her soul at the end of their lifetime in a happy state of mind.

Take for example, developed nations have higher mental health issues in their population, when compared to the population of a nation that is less blessed in terms of resources. That is why western population travels to eastern parts of the world, in search of peace. Even when they are sitting on a substantial amount of wealth at home, which can be used for the betterment of humanity and this happy state of mind, is one of the contributing factors that can’t be ignored, while pursuing your specific person.

Going in detail, our state of mind dictates how we operate in the world and how we project our narratives onto people and the following circumstances. There are times when we go about the world in a certain state for years in length without even realising that we are doing so. All this happens, because we aren’t aware of the feedback that the world shares with us through our daily dealings with people and the experiences that follow, and so we in an unconscious state of mind blame others for unwanted situations we experience and hence project our own insecurities onto them. When we are unaware about our state of being, it makes us go in circles reacting from the same place over and over again. All this keeps us on autopilot and it makes us pursue the same habits. It stops us from realising that we are filtering our assumptions & perceptions of others from this very state.

All this stops us from evolving and growing, experiencing new relationships and connections with our specific person and with others in general. Most important of all, all of this keeps us hitched to the same identity that we have unconsciously accepted for ourselves. We all have a history that we hold ourselves to, and we all move about the world in a specific manner. A lot of this history remains unconscious until we come F2F with it when it comes out of the darkness into the light.

How a person views himself in an area of his/her life varies from person to person, and that is why there are times when it feels more difficult to shift states and manifest when it comes to certain topics. The reason behind this is not because something is more difficult, it is simply an autopilot state that you’re carrying out in an unconscious state of mind.

You may be unaware about how you see others, how you interpret what they say/do, how you make assumptions and how you experience connections, as all are coming from the identity (state) you are at that moment of time. And if we are unaware of this, we might find ourselves both fighting and arguing with others where we try to convince our way into a relationship.

There are times when we easily get caught up in a push and pull dynamic between ourselves and others. As we have already discussed above, there is a reason that some people do this- sometimes it is a belief that getting your love is difficult, which becomes a reason for you to translate manifestation in a way where you believe you must work hard on yourself, in order to pursue your specific person and the connection between you two.

The process of becoming aware about self, begins with being comfortable with the discomfort that may arise as a result, as one pursues self reflection. It is your willingness to allow yourself to give recognition to your stories, and no longer defend them. It is a leap into accepting that we are carrying something that is being played out in our world, minus any blame or judgement. It is a process that succeeds only when you are both honest and uncritical. To be precise, it is doing a complete lifestyle change/overhaul of yourself.

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