After you have decided to turn yourself into a conscious master manifestor, the very 1st thing you need to do is to take responsibility for everything that has ever happened to you in the time that has passed by. We are asking you to begin with this because unless you do so, it will mean that you still believe that there is something out there, outside of yourself (secondary causes) which is throwing things at you and to which you are just a victim. While most of us are unable to know/understand how we have manifested something, it is important that we understand that we are the one who manifested it, regardless.

Like most of us, I have a conversation with a lot of people every day, and one thing common in most of these conversations is that most of us believe that things just happen to us, and in most cases, we are not fully aware that we are the one who has manifested them. We have manifested them throughout our life, both consciously or unconsciously, and until we acknowledge this reality conscious manifesting will be a tough job.

So, now when you are good with this reality, let us move ahead and learn how taking responsibility can help one become a master conscious manifestor.

Your Entire Life Is Your Manifestation

Law Of Assumption can be used to predict one’s future. This might give a feel good feeling. Hold to it and very soon you will get to meet people who are able to manifest this new state.
Even non-living objects are swerved by these affinities. When in a certain mood, I take a trip to my library and reach out to a book lying there untouched for years. And when I have a look at its inside, I find confirmation of my mood. – Neville Goddard

Everything in your consciousness is a projection of you because it is your consciousness pushed out. It all depends on what you are feeling right now, what end you’re living in at this moment, this is what you are going to manifest in the coming tomorrow. You cannot escape this reality.

During my talk with a lot of people in my daily life who have manifested a collection of unwanted things, the latter shared with comfort that they were in a crappy state when they manifested their unwanted situations. These words of Neville, helps both, the wanted and the unwanted. When you like a certain mood/state, you tend to manifest matching people and circumstances. And when you are sharing the experiences of your life like this with others, you are making it all the more real for a little longer. It is like, that for some reason, you get a feeling of comfort in rehashing the unwanted instead of cutting it off for good and moving on to your desired state.

What Story Are You Reusing

There are times in my daily life, when I stumble upon some of my clients criticising my mother. I am unable to forgive myself for some situations and there are a lot of situations like this in my past. The list is never ending. But irrespective of that, whatever story one is
reusing repeatedly, it will keep on extending into your future unless you put a stop to it.

Irrespective of the story, the very moment you shift from the state that manifested it, it will go away. And both you and others will begin to act differently in your reality. But until you are fully on-board on this, it will be difficult for you to make that shift in consciousness. You should fully learn this truth because you can only fully grasp what you are willing to view and dig into.

You can get your hands on all your desired things, all thanks to the creative power that resides within you. You can become whatever you desire. There is no limit to what one can achieve for himself and others, irrespective of the circumstances one has to face at the moment : Neville Goddard – Imagination Creates Reality.

Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi both being an individual used their will power to bring a change that toppled the authoritarian regimes. Isaac Newton created Law Of Gravitation while sitting below an Apple Tree. Our imagination recognises no boundaries and this imagination when put forward in a right direction like an archer can do wonders. In other words, our imagination lets us manifest things that are out of our reach according to us/others.

As soon as you recognise that this “reality” is just a reflection of your mind, and that this world is NOT as solid as you were taught to believe, the more you will become a conscious manifestor able to live life the way you want.

Our limitations are a result of our deeds/imagination. You being an operant power, there is no one else who can limit you except you yourself.

Law Of Assumption Is Not About Getting Things And People

In straightforward words, a lot of manifestation coach’s teachings have created an atmosphere where people relate Law Of Assumption as a tool to get access to things/people. And because of that a lot of us are seeing towards this law with a hope to manifest their Specific person. But it is very much clear that Law Of Assumption is not meant for this purpose. LOA is about learning wonders we can do with our imagination. Unless you recognise this reality that Law Of Assumption works 24/7 and it was never ever about getting things and people outside of you, but all about you from within, you will find it hard to become that master conscious manifestor that you want to be.

Every being in this world is using this only power in an unaware state of mind. So, he’s attempting to make us aware about its power and how to use it wisely.

Outside us there exists nothing and no power. We are manifesting everything. What you want is not dependent on signs or “bird before land” or anything that anyone could do in the world of Caesar. You are the one behind your desires being fulfilled and your wonderful human imagination operating 24/7 gets the credit for this.

So, be aware of this truth and make yourself responsible for everything that has happened to you till date. In other words, whatever happens to you no matter good/bad, whoever does whether your near/dear one or known/unknown one is a sum of your karma, that includes your current life that you are aware of and past life that you are unaware of. When good with this reality, you will be clear about how the manifesting process works in reality.

And just alter your imagination to get different results in the shadow world.

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