The illusion of the free will to do is all about ignorance of the Law Of Assumption upon which all action is based: Neville Goddard.

Everyday morning when you wake up, you get to decide whether to leave bed or not. After you are out of the bed, you decide what to wear and eat for breakfast. Talking about treating others, you can be kind to them or behave rudely. You can walk to work or take your vehicle. Not stopping at that, you choose your career opportunities or job by yourself. But take a break here, all the above choices that you made by yourself are a result of something much bigger than them, they are based on the STATE that you are in. This state is the very person responsible for the actions that you take on a daily basis in your entire life. In simple words, this state makes you push out yourself in your external world. And from there, the apparently free will that you have is just an illusion according to Neville.

So, to summarise, even the smallest actions of our daily actions are a result of our free will dictated by the state that we are dwelling in at the moment.

During our last interaction, we were talking about states and I shared how in the past I inherited some money. But because I refused to clear my mind and get out of the state of being broke, the money which I could have multiplied by taking the right actions, was actually completely wiped out in about 4 years, as a result of which my condition became much worse. So, why did this money disappear instead of growing? The very reason behind this is the state of lack that I was dwelling in, as a result of which I made wrong decisions on both business and other platforms. At the very 1st sight, you will see that I took this devastating decision all thanks to my free will, but this isn’t the truth. Truth is that I made those decisions based on my state of lack and being broke, which made me take wrong steps so I could get rid of that money as fast as possible, which I did.
This is the way things work for everything and every state. One is under the wrong impression of having a free will. Free will is a direct result of our state. And we cannot take actions that are opposite to the state we are in at the moment. That is why the state carries so much importance.

Do Others Have Free Will?

You need not worry about influencing others, as they are not the causing reason. But your imaginal act is! Billionaires are not shaping your world. It is you and only you who is doing it, and your imaginal acts affect people. Everyone is yourself pushed out, so whenever you are imagining, you are influencing yourself: Neville Goddard

You are not the one forcing people to do anything. You are not their influencer. But as law operates, people are out of options, so they have to project your thoughts and beliefs back to you. It all happens because they are deprived of free will in the real world.

After you entered into a beautiful relationship with your specific person, they were head over heels in love with you, but then all of a sudden that specific person dumped you just a few months later for reasons that lack logic. This is the perfect example of how in the real world, people lack free will. Like in this case, it is clearly visible that your specific person doesn’t have any free will, but to play the role that you have given them.

Are you the person who gave them this role to leave you consciously? A definite no, but you gave them that role according to the state you were dwelling in. As you were dwelling in a state of not being good enough in all its multiple aspects, you’ve manifested your partner getting colder and colder to the point of not desiring to be with you anymore. And then came that day, when your imaginal act hardened into fact, and they left you.

At that moment, you were unaware about what was happening behind the scenes, but now looking back in the past, after learning about the law of assumption all thanks to your painful experience, you were able to get hold of your thoughts and frame of mind, and now, you can fully understand what happened.
If rather than being in a state of not being good enough, you had been in a state of being complete, loved, and desired, your specific person wouldn’t have and couldn’t have acted the same way they did based on your state of not being good enough. This is applicable not only to our romantic partners, but everyone in our reality. People around us will always mirror what is inside our consciousness.

Your SP is Looking for YOU

Prior to bringing about the required change in ourselves, making attempts to change the world is against nature’s laws and a destined to fail exercise. People can go round and round in the same circle of disappointments and misfortunes, not accepting them as their own negative inner talking, but a deed of others: Neville Goddard

I read a lot of messages, emails, and other comments from others on a daily basis saying that their SP is eluding them. But it is only you who is eluding yourself and no one else. The very reason that you don’t have the company of your SP now is, because you are living in an opposite state from that which you need to be in order to get into a relationship that you want. Your inner talking, your thought process and your feelings, all of them are not in the same polarity as your desires are. This is the very reason that you have a misunderstanding that your SP is eluding you, but instead the very reason behind this eluding has its origins inside you.

So, in order to be with your SP, you should begin with them being in your imagination by manifesting the state of being in that relationship. Once you manifest such a state within, your real life will begin to look the same. At this moment, you are believing that it is up to your SP to approach you, but in reality it is YOU who is preventing them because you are not living in a state that matches your desire to be with them. This situation is your doing, but not theirs. The moment you begin to manifest the state of your desires, these states will begin to materialise into reality, because things work like that in reality.

The power to manifest lies within you. How you and others engage with each other in the real world, is a result of your imagination. So, just go there and imagine that you wish to be and have and live in that state as much as possible. And no matter whatever your 3D circumstances seem to look like in this moment, your inner world will externalise according to your imagination, regardless of the so-called free will, no matter whether it is yours or someone else’s.

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