Ready to Manifest Your Dream Life?

Welcome to the journey where I help people to transform their lives by helping them to reach their desired goals & dreams.

Well, I am a Transformational Coach and among people I am known as a Motivational speaker also. My Expertise are Mindset & Manifestation. I have certification as a master life coach, advanced law of attraction coach, master NLP practitioner, erickson hypnosis and astral wisdom.

I am also a Founder of SOULTRAA. Well, Soultraa is dedicated to provide self-help programs, services & products. Foundation of SOULTRAA is built on LOVE, PEACE & LIGHT. So, Its a place to rise & shine.

Have you ever looked around and wondered about the people who have everything they want and they get whatever they want effortlessly. These peoples' lives are filled with Love, joy and abundance. They seem like as if they have some super power that gives them everything they want and need.

These successful, happy and content people are tapping into the basic law of science. Few have accessed it consciously and fewer unconsciously, but everyone is using it. They are living according to the rules of Law of attraction, which are based on scientific principle. Success in any area is a product of right mindset and manifestation skills.


We can create everything we desire in our life, including having unlimited abundance in all areas; feeling purposeful and fulfilled, having loving relationships, and feeling our best in mind, body, and spirit. This all can be achieved here.

I am going to help you turn the invisible into the visible, in making your dreams a reality.

Well, my friend, nothing is Impossible in this beautiful world. The Word “Impossible” says itself that “I am Possible”, doesn’t it? Nothing is Impossible if you have the right strategies, information and support to see beyond the seen and believe that dreams can turn into reality- all in the context of excellence, success and prosperity.

Being a mindset & manifestation coach, when I meet my clients for the first time, they don’t believe that the desired results, they are seeing are for real but after they start believing & seeing the results. I strongly believe that you have created your this life and you also have to create it differently.

Albert Einstein once said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Yes! Same habits, same mindset and action lead you to the same results. I help my clients to master their lives and make them potent co-creators with the universe so that they can live their dream lifestyle. Let me tell you, dear, life is the product of your mindset and choices, and every day you get another chance to rewrite your story.

successful, happy and content people are tapping one of the most basic law of science, few are tapping it consciously and few unconsciously but all are using it. It is the key to success. If you want to transform your life and wants to reach your then you are at the right place. Think of me as your life coach to charge your . Let me give a chance to cleanse your mind the way you cleanse your body.

I strive for years to find my passion and continue with my purpose. From my childhood, I was very keen to know about Life, that’s how & why things happened.

Initially, my these questions developed a deep interest towards the world of Astrology & Palmistry. Since then I generated curiosity for reading about psychology, neuroscience, metaphysics, quantum physics, Law of attraction and many more. Cultivating new spiritual connections and gaining in-depth practical knowledge in the domain, I have been on an amazing journey of self-discovery, personal development, and expansion.

What I have learned so far was the completely best thing that I , as I have healed myself! I magically discovered the ultimate bliss that my aim is to transform the lives of people and see I am getting paid to do it. My passion becomes my profession and I am really very happy with my this huge achievement. I figured out a way to have it all and this simply means that anyone can do it, in fact, you can too.

After my spiritual awakening, I am on a mission to make success simple and easy. My vision is to help people to live their best life by achieving massive success in their personal and professional lifeWe are all unique human beings in this world with amazing gifts. If you haven’t realized it yet, then this is the high time to appreciate yourself.

I coach my clients about the art of mindset, manifesting work, energy healing, spiritual self, empowerment, brain power, and mind programming to truly feel alive by your full and authentic expression.

Being a personal development, mindset coach, and success strategy coach, I help people who are hungry for more in life. As a Certified Master Life Coach, Advanced Law of Attraction Expert, Master NLP Practitioner, & a motivational speaker, I am committed to making sure you feel connected and supported throughout the daily struggles of this beautiful thing we called as, Life and to your desired results.


We all are energy, including you and me. Everything- our thoughts, feelings, and intentions. When we uplift our energetic frequency to align in vibration with the desired things, manifestation happens. Everything we need is within us. Yes! We have all the answers, ideas, and skills inside our soul.

We have to take the internal journey to make the change in the external world. It’s my purpose to provide you with the tools you require to change your energetic state consciously. You will learn thoroughly manifesting skill building, creating a daily ritual that works, intuition work, energy protection and clearing along my guidance to develop a better mindset for yourself. I have put immense learning, experimenting and consumed a library full of books to assist you in finding answers to your burning life questions.