A lot of us who know about the law of assumption and the teachings of Neville Goddard are  here because they are pursuing their specific person, which in most cases is our ex. And for  most of us, not to regret it, pursuing a specific person is a difficult job. A lot of people whom I have met till date have shared with me that they were able to manifest all kinds of things, money, jobs, vacations, even healing for others (both animals & people), but their specific person is still resisting them.

You should not be in any doubt that there’s something going on when it comes to manifesting that specific person. With every step that we take forward in this article, we will be discussing why it’s been tough to manifest our specific person.

The Reality About Manifesting A Specific Person

The reality about manifesting a specific person is that it is as easy as doing anything else, because, in fact, no matter what you want to manifest it is going to include specific people. If you make up your mind to manifest a free cup of coffee, well, someone will be moved to offer you that free cup of coffee. If you desire a job, someone will be sent by the universe to give you that job. If you think about it, almost every time when you go ahead and manifest something, someone, (a specific person), will be involved. So, why does it seem so much easier in some cases? The answer in short is because you are not so attached to the end result.

Attachment is, by all means, the only thing standing between you and your specific person. Being attached to an end result makes it very difficult to manifest an outcome.

Attachment Defined

Attachment to something or someone is a result of neediness. It is normal for us to develop an attachment to what we feel that we need desperately, what we feel we cannot live without. But this neediness only plays repeller, and thus, it will work against you if you need something or someone desperately. Till date, looking back, I cannot share with you a single specific person’s success story that was a result of attachment, because manifesting your desire while being needy about that desire it’s like trying to mix oil and water. We all know both stay away from each other even when put together in the smallest or largest quantity. In other words, attachment and manifesting a specific person cannot work along. But yes most of the specific person success stories that I personally am aware about are the ones that we hear about in the manifesting community, come from letting go of our attachment.

Are You Having A Hard Time Manifesting Your Specific Person

Let go of the one you love deeply and your love will come back to you, to never leave you again. This is the saying that is quoted whenever there is a serious talk about one losing their love.

So What Is Letting Go In Reality?

Letting go of your attachment doesn’t indicate that you have to get rid of your desire. This is a huge misinterpretation doing rounds and it does no good, it only confuses people. To let go means letting go of your neediness and that feeling of unhealthy attachment. Affirm yourself  to not put that person at the forefront and make a promise to yourself to prioritise yourself over your specific person, in other words putting your own life on the back burner. You are going to live your life in full, until you are able to get that specific person in your life. The truth is that even if you did manifest your specific person with this mindset, it wouldn’t. In fact, it would be a good recipe to get back to square one in no time.

If your love doesn’t recognise your feelings, then show him that this is not your stop. Your life will move on, irrespective of the discouraging situations.

Getting rid of that attachment prior to manifesting your specific person is not only going to be the number one helper to manifest them, but to retain them as well for the time to come.

So Why You Had A Hard Time Manifesting Your Specific Person

“If you express yourself by feeling depressed or assuming any other negative attitude, you will then experience the same type of rejection in time to come. Your reactions, no matter positive or negative, will become a reason behind future circumstances.” Neville Goddard

One of the contributing reasons why it has been so hard for you to manifest your specific person, especially in the case of your ex, it is because the situation between you & them is filled with emotional baggage, insecurities, fears & and all kinds of turmoil. And yes you have discovered the law of assumption through the teachings of Neville Goddard, you have not been able to stop playing the old story over & over, so, that story has been playing over & over in your physical world.

Carrying such a disaster recipe, one might wonder how in this creation it would be anything but hard to manifest a specific person while keeping yourself in this state. That is why getting rid of the past is a must to manifest a specific person. There are times that include both the past between you and your specific person and the story that you personally are entertaining about romantic relationships in general. When faced with these times, you are going to have to take responsibility for your past & consciously remove all those cobwebs to step on the right track.

In A Quick Readover, Things That Are A Must To Manifest Your Specific Person

  • Make a promise to yourself, that you are going to get rid of all the wrong concepts that are running around online about manifesting a specific person as they will actually work against you even if given a single chance.
  • You will give your best while attempting to figure out your relationship patterns that have kept you in that destructive circle for years.
  • You are going to say no to the feelings of neediness, attachment, and dependency, and tell yourself to become more confident and secure.
  • You are going to reprogram your subconscious mind and engage in a new relationship pattern.
  • You are going to get rid of all blocks and move forward as the God and Goddess that you are.
  • You are going to have a complete understanding of how we manifest a specific person and what’s going on on their end while you manifest them.
  • You are going to develop an upgraded version of yourself not only to manifest your specific person, but to retain them for life.
  • You are going to get better while communicating with the God and Goddess that your specific person will be crazy about.

If you do the above things, in other words work on yourself, it’s going to be great fun, great learning, and a huge change in consciousness. We all are going to ROCK!

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