The very first time you hear about Law Of Attraction, it can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. At last, you have a way to make your wishes come true, to solve issues and to live that life of your dreams.

The sources at your disposal out there are endless and you are looking for an easy guide on how to make this Law of Attraction work for you, finding different teachers, tools and techniques. There are a lot of online videos that tell you how to manifest instantly, how to manipulate people, how to trick the universe or jump into another reality. But most of them lack that understanding of who we really are. As a result, you go from one technique to another, wondering why this might work, but not the other.

It Is Not About The Method, But About Who You Really Are

Law Of Attraction does not come with an on-off switch, it is operational all the time, even in this very moment, it worked even when you were unaware of its existence and its operation didn’t ask for any specific technique.

You might have some techniques to share with the universe, or any other outside force, what you wish for. You want to make sure that your voice is heard and also prove that you deserve what you want. You desire both confirmation and validation, with an unsettling feeling to be at the mercy of this creation. But when you understand that, you will realise, there is no reason to ask for validation or permission. There is no one and nothing to be at mercy, but yourself.

Scripting, Vision Boards, Gratitude Journals & Other Methods : Success-Failure

Whether you use a vision board, affirmations, subliminals or revision, it doesn’t matter: A tool works, only when you successfully change your self concept. Affirmations may assist you to accept a desired truth about yourself & so does a vision board or a visualisation session. It is that feeling of accomplishment & inner conviction that will be reflected in your world, not your actions.

Law Of Attraction

“Change your perception about yourself & you will automatically change the world in which you breathe. Leave the exercise of changing people; they are only messengers telling you who you are. Revalue yourself & they will confirm the change : Neville Goddard Your Faith is Your Fortune”

The very reason that a technique does not bring you desired results is not because it is the wrong tool, but the reason why you use it- your current state & self concept. To imagine making something happen means you don’t live your desire yet. But to imagine experiencing who you want to be at this moment, can be part of living in the end.

Any karma to attract a life you desire, is a good sign you don’t assume yet that you are already who you want to be. If you are trying to attract something towards yourself, you basically say it is not here yet, still separated from you & it has yet to arrive.

How many techniques would you observe, if your desire is fulfilled? What would your daily routine be, your mental conversations, your daydreams look like, if you are already with your desired person, in your desired job & your life of your dreams?

Whispering, Remote Seduction, Pussy-Whip & Everything About People Around Us

These tools are most used, but not clearly understood, and so people like & disapprove of them for wrong reasons. A lot of us think it is about manipulation and controlling against someone else’s free will.

“Only you and you alone are doing it, as your imaginal acts have an influence on people. Everyone around is yourself pushed out, so when you imagine, you are influencing yourself! : Neville Goddard-What are you doing?”

When you murmur to someone, you actually murmur to yourself. While applying the techniques of remote seduction, you are only seducing yourself. The repetitive use of these tools transforms your assumption about yourself as compared to others. You feel what you desire, it becomes real for you and you can get that feeling of satisfaction – which means you finally drop the belief it isn’t here yet.

Drop the fear that you will manipulate others or that you will break a Golden Rule. Every mental conversation you engage-in with others is not different from any other whispering technique. Every romantic fantasy that you enjoyed could be named remote seduction, still, only you feel it. And what you feel will be reflected in the world of Caesar.

In fact, you always do these things in a natural way. Every relationship, whether it is with friends, family members or lovers, developed with your state. You always engage in mental conversations with them. You have an argument with them or have a fun chat – you seduce and whisper in every moment of your lifetime. You are seeing them in front of your eyes and they might reject or embrace you – all depends on your state.

When you travel to the end with a lovely concept of yourself, when you live your desired relationship, you easily have wonderful mental conversations with them. You easily hear them saying lovely things to you & imagine a wonderful time ahead with them.

Happiness, Gratitude & High Vibrations

Another misunderstood concept of the Law Of Attraction is the belief that you should be happy in order to manifest your desires. I am sure that someone must have told you already, you should catch up to the frequency, you should be happy in the absence of your desire and be grateful for what you already have. You even came across the statement, that you have to forget what you desire. There are good chances that you will accept a better image of yourself, when you are in a good mood & when you let go of your desire. You might also forget the absence of it. But no matter how happy you are, it is what you believe as truth that manifests.

Again, the Law Of Attraction doesn’t ask you to prove yourself to an outside force or to prove that you are worthy. The main reason behind you being unhappy at this moment is because you have assumed your desire is not fulfilled yet. This very illusion of both lack and separation is causing you to feel miserable. Don’t be tough on yourself in order to be happy in order to attract something. Instead, acknowledge that there is no reason to be unhappy in the 1st place. All the reasons that caused you this sorrow originated from false beliefs and unfavourable assumptions and you are very much able to change them anytime.

For the very same reason you are not required to be happy in the absence of your desire. When the creation is finished, you are never left out. When you are what you want to be right now, you would not forget it, but you would start to think from it, not of it.

Be grateful for everything you love & desire, not only for things you think you have already. Be thankful for everything that makes you happy – not to manifest it, but because it is already a fact.

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