“Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you are correct.” I had no idea what the manifestation coach was at the moment. But, because of that remark, I was able to believe that my success was solely dependent on me and not on anyone else. That’s why I’ve always had a “I can” attitude, and as a result, I’ve always won and achieved anything I set out to achieve in my life.

I recall hearing someone tell me that something was impossible or that I couldn’t accomplish it. And if I really wanted it, I said to myself, “I’m going to get it,” and “Whatever I desire is feasible for me.” That’s why I always come out on top.

So, I’m sharing this with you all because I want you to understand how important your words are. What you’re expressing is extremely important. Because it is what is continually shaping your world. In my life, I always obtain what I want because I first believe in myself and believe that my success, happiness, and health are all dependent on me and not on anybody else. Second, I recognise that my thoughts shape my reality.

In general, I’ve never had a clear understanding of how thoughts shape our world. Somewhere deep within me, I truly believe that our outward environment reflects our inner world. In 2019, it will be clearer as to what specific phenomenon is causing us to manifest whatever we desire in our lives. Yes! This is the Spiritual Law of manifestation life coach that I’m referring to. We are always, always working in your life. It works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whether you are aware of it or not, which is why you create good or bad on the basis of your dominant thoughts.

As a result, if you believe you can manifest it, you are correct.

If you believe that manifesting is tough, you are mistaken.

It will be tough for you to manifest if you believe it is difficult to manifest.

So, if you believe it is simple to manifest, it will be simple for you to manifest.

Exactly the same.

If you believe that, life is full of problems. If you believe it, life is full of blessings.

If you believe that people are cruel to you, you are correct. If you believe that, people are always nice to you.

If you believe that, nothing will work out for you. If you believe it, everything will work out for you.

If you believe that, it is difficult to manifest the version of people you desire. If you believe it, manifesting the version of people you want is simple.

You always have the answers within you.

The world has no guarantee; the first confidence comes from you, and then you perceive what you see in the world.

If you claim, “I always manifest instantly,” you will find it to be true. And if you believe that manifesting instantly is impossible, you are correct.

God’s words are in your mouth.

As a result, whatever you say with conviction comes to pass.

It’s correct if you state that manifesting other things is easy for you but manifesting a specific individual is harder.

It’s true if you say I can’t manifest because of resistance, and it’s true if you say no resistance or negativity can stop me from manifesting what I want.

If you say change is difficult, you are correct, and if you say change is simple for me, you are correct.

As a result, you are always the one who creates everything in your life. You can either make it simple or complicated. That is all up to you. You have the ability to make anything happen in your life. You are the one who makes the rules here. There is no one else.

The most significant factor is faith. Yes! Belief is everything, and assumptions, ideas, and feelings shape your beliefs. So, regardless of what happens, always establish ideas that work in your favour.

Many people question their own abilities: am I using this approach correctly? Do I have enough time to say my affirmation? If you have any doubts that it isn’t correct or that you haven’t spoken long enough, you are correct. It isn’t about technique; it is about faith. It’s not about how many times you affirmed; it’s about believing that now that I’ve affirmed for a long enough period of time, I’ll start to see benefits.

If you believe so, any resistance and hindrance will keep you from achieving your dream. If you believe that nothing can stop you from realising your dreams, then you are correct.

You are the person in your life who can make something simple or difficult.

The entire world is at your disposal.

I can now manifest simply by having a desire for something; it appears in my life. You want something, and then a series of events unfold that lead you to your desire.

In essence, you are the only one who makes the rules in your life. Whatever you believe to be true with conviction will manifest in your life. This is your reality, and you are the God within it. Yes, you construct your reality, and you are responsible for every element of your existence.

There is no God outside of you who makes things happen for you; it is always you who makes things happen for you.

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