Every time you create a rule for yourself, it transforms into your assumption and the moment you assume something it manifests on autopilot. So, when you utter the word that it is easy to manifest anything but a specific person, that immediately becomes your assumption, and that assumption will solidify into a fact.

The very reason your life is the way it is right now, is all because you have assumed that it is. Modify that assumption of yours, and your life will change accordingly. And the very reason I can mention this is because I am living proof of that. My life now and a while ago, i.e. some decades back in the past, was so different that it feels that I was just some other person. The only thing is that, as far as I know, it was me. It has changed because of a change in 95% of my assumptions. And the only 5% I didn’t change because those were the assumptions that served my purpose.

It is not much of a tough job to manifest a specific person than it is to manifest anything else because it is ALL a dream. The shadow world & everything in it is in existence because of your consciousness, and that includes other people too. Both you and others in this existence are not separated from the rest of creation.

The only reason most of us believe that it’s hard to manifest a specific person, is because of the attachment that you have to that specific person and the story that you are carrying along which is more often a story of abandonment, rejection, disrespect, and the feeling that love has left you with your SP. When you bring all these up together you get that unshakable strong assumption that makes it a hard job to manifest that specific person into your life, or in other words, back into your life as it is the case with most of my readers.

Everything In This Existence Is Made Up Of The Same Energy

Even if you ignore the fact that you are a master manifestor, you might be a little bit interested to know that both quantum physics & science back up the fact that everything in this existence is made up of the same energy, in other words: Atoms. And these atoms, in turn, are made of the same 3 basic particles – protons, neutrons, and electrons.

Almost 99% of a body is made up of atoms of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen. These are the elements that could be found in pretty much all matter that exists in our universe. So, even after taking the scientific route, there is no difference between a human being & everything that surrounds it.

Everything is a form of energy and interconnected to each other in one way or another. The water in our oceans and the clouds in our skies. The trees & the animals. You, me, and the world around us. We, as humans, are not isolated from anything else. All of us are part of one existence. Everything that surrounds us whether we understand it or not, comes from the same source. Everything is one.

But besides physical bodies that we can see and feel such as a tree, the ocean, an animal or a human being, thoughts & feelings are energy as well, so everything that we think & feel has an influence on everything & everyone else on this planet. This is the way we create our own reality, because mind rules over matter.

So, even going by the scientific route, it only backs up spiritual law. We are all one. Everything is linked to everything else.

You Already Are What You Want To Be

Not only can you have your desires, but you already ARE everything you want. The illusion of separation, despite being strong, remains an illusion.

Our logical mind finds fun in making us believe that everything is separated. And the way our society is being designed since its inception is also pushing this big lie in every single facet of it. But spiritual law says something different. That is why people find respite in spirituality whenever they are disappointed by our society. Once you come F2F with who you truly are, and if you are practising meditation (going within) on a regular basis, you know that nothing is separated from you & that YOU and everything around you are part of one single entity.

You are NOT separated from your SP, because if that was true, they would have never arrived in your life in the first place. The reason this existence arranged your meeting is because they are part of your consciousness. Once you learn about your true self and understand that you are not in any way separated from any of your desires, including your specific person, you just stop wasting time on pushing, forcing, trying, and lacking. You realise that your SP is just a reflection of you. You know that your SP is yours for taking.

About Free Will

If you have any doubts while manifesting your SP because you are of the view that they have a mind of their own & that they have a thought process of their own. Then note down one thing and paste it all over your house, and read it several times a day, until it sinks in.

Your SP, and everyone else in this reality, for that matter, don’t have free will. Infact, none of us have free will. If you don’t believe this right now, then try a self test. Make an intention to see, hear, or get something, and you will discover one thing that while enroute to fulfil your desire, your mind & body all are going to have to move in one direction or another. But, because you are under the hallucination that you have free will, you will think that such movement comes from your own “free will” when in reality it really doesn’t.

You have surrendered your free will the very moment you intended or decided on something. And since we all are a part of everything or everyone, our intentions don’t move only our body, but objects, situations, and other bodies as well. So, when you suppose & believe that your SP who resides in another town or across the world is married to you, they will be moved to act according to your assumption. But whilst doing so, they will have the feeling that it comes from them because when people are moved in order for you to get your desire everything seems natural. It all flows so easily & effortlessly.

So put an end to this exercise of giving free will to your SP if your goal is to be in a romantic relationship with them, because the only free will that they possess is the one that you give them. If you suppose that they have free will to reject you, then they will do it for sure. If you suppose that they will run into someone else, then they will. If you suppose that they don’t have feelings for you anymore then they won’t.

So, don’t be your worst enemy, and start believing that your SP thinks & does what you want them to think and do. Your SP can’t feel and think about anyone or anything else but you. They love you, they desire you and they are meant for you. If you believe it, then that is the way it is going to be.

As soon as you have a wish it is yours, even a specific person.

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