So What Is This Law Of Assumption By Neville Goddard?

Do you feel yourself being dragged into a dilemna whenever going through the teachings of
Neville Goddard and the law of attraction? If so, then this article is for you.
The law that Neville Goddard taught us about, wasn’t the law of attraction. Goddard never
actually even pronounced those words. What he taught us in reality was the law of
assumption which he simply called God’s law, because it is the universal law by which
everything in this creation exists & manifests.

Whether you are aware of this or not, humanity has been living by this law for a long time
and this very law has shaped our world.

The Law of Assumption Not the Law of Attraction

You may ask what is the law of assumption and how does it differ from the law of attraction?
Whenever I am confronted by this question I like to say that the law of assumption is the law
of attraction on steroids, but more precisely, the law of assumption is simply the law of the
universe in which we are breathing.
Whenever you get thoughts like you attract things, people, and events you still believe that
those things are outside of you. But once you are aware of this reality that it is what happens
inside of you that manifests in your world, it all becomes a lot much clearer. You begin to
understand that you do not attract things anymore because you ARE a part of those things.
The world is not an entity that exists outside you, the world is a reflection of YOU. In simple
words, the world is yourself pushed out.

The World is Yourself Pushed Out

The world is yourself pushed out. Ask yourself what you want and then give it to yourself! Do
not question how it will come about; just go your way knowing that the evidence of what you
have done must appear, and it will. – Neville Goddard
According to the law of assumption you are YOURSELF what comes about in your world.
So, you can get rid of this alignment thing to get what you want, that is if you have ever been
able to understand what being in alignment means to begin with. But the law of assumption
shares with you that once you become what you want, that wish appears in your 3D world.
The world & everything in this existence are simply yourself pushed out. So, you are no
longer required to go deep and make efforts to try to understand what alignment or raising
your vibrations means. All that you are required to do is assume & feel your desire as if you
already had it.

Law of Assumption

What you perceive about the world, what you perceive about others, and what you perceive
about yourself comes back to you in your life.
There is nothing in this existence that happens by “accident,” everything happens because
there is an assumption behind.
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