Yes, it appears that the rule of assumption is crucial to manifesting your life as you choose. What we assume becomes reality. The problem is that we don’t always know what we think we know. We’ve been assuming things for so long that it’s no longer clear to us.

The greatest method to examine your preconceptions is to start with something you want to become a manifestation coach. However, I am hesitant to use the word manifest. I’ve spoken with people who can’t wrap their heads around the concept. It conjures up images of miracles, magic, and otherworldly events. ‘Creating your reality as you go,’ on the other hand, seems a little less woowoo, doesn’t it? Let’s call it creation for now. Take a look at your life right now. Can you notice how your emotions influenced what you’re seeing?

How to Make a Different Assumption

If you haven’t seen what you’re trying to produce in 3D yet, it’s all very well for me to say, ‘Oh well, just assume the opposite.’ We see what we expect until we look away, at which point we see what we don’t expect. If we ignore the thing we want, perhaps throwing our hands in the air in despair or working to let it go, it will appear out of nowhere, despite of our deep-seated negative attitude about it. You will have it at some point if you have experienced the feeling of it and really felt it.

However, this could take weeks, months, or even years. This is where those deeply ingrained assumptions kick in. Over time, we may be able to entirely let go of something and find something new that brings us joy. It is at this point when our original desire manifest specific person itself. That’s why I say it could take years to complete, as it could be that long before you reveal it.

Why wait till you’ve lost interest?

When we aren’t worried or have moved on, there is little point in pursuing that goal. Maybe we wanted an ex back in our lives for a long time, only to meet someone who was far more suited to us. When our ex returns, we no longer require or desire them.

You don’t have to wait years, but you will need to exercise a great deal of self-control. You must prioritise yourself and believe that you are deserving of whatever you desire in life. You must understand that no one or object is beyond your reach. This is your reality, and it changes in response to your emotions.

Begin by determining what you truly desire. Make a mental note of it. Decide now that you can get go of those old assumptions. Bring them to the front of your thoughts and say, “This is not true.” You are not required to replace them with anything else, although you may do so if you choose. For example, how can you start a new relationship with your ex Dave if you believe he doesn’t care anymore and has definitely moved on with that Lisa who looks like Cameron Diaz?

You’ve started a chain of events that has put him out of reach.Your mind believes everything you tell it, and a subconscious notion that contradicts what you want to achieve means you’ll continue to notice evidence that he doesn’t care and has gone on. When you look at his social media, you’ll see a lot of photos of him and his Cameron Diaz-like GF, and you’ll be irritated because you’re seeing the exact opposite of what you wanted to see. But it isn’t your intention. It’s about your emotions.

Speak with Your Subconsciousness

Make contact with it. Tell it your assumption is a lie, a falsehood, or whatever word you want to use. Tell it that you are in charge here and that you have the last say on whether or not he has moved on. ‘He’s with her right now, but he’s always thinking about me.’ or anything along those lines. Now consider the probability that that assertion is correct. Don’t exaggerate or try to persuade your reasoning mind to believe it. It will eventually, but for now, you are simply conversing with your subconscious mind. That’s the one who gets things done.

Expect to feel different in a few days. Expect to feel lighter when you realise you do, after all, have the power, and then when you think of him, feel that he is thinking of you, that you are the one he truly loves…. Now is the only time your subconscious sees. Those emotions are genuine. It is unable to distinguish between genuine and induced emotions. Isn’t that amazing?

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