Manifest Love

Manifest love & Relationship

Hi. I initally took the 5 day "manifest anything fast" workshop with preeti. i was so impressed by her presentation and content that i decided to take 1:1 personalized coching witH her. When i joined her ,I was totally lost, confused and very depressed.I had zero confiedence in myself and thought i can never achieve what i want. preeti's coaching came to me as a blessing. She supportedme throughout my jhourney in the most professional manner. I had a terrible breakup with my guy and no hopes of reconciliation.With preeti's teachings and guidence,he contacted me within one month and apologized for his behaivour.He is very loving towards me now.All this wouldn't have been possibel without preeti's guidence and support. She is a genuinely beautifil soul with the ability to change anyone's life. I love you preeti.~Farhan , Kuwait