Email Coaching Packages

If you’re are always busy and have no time for one on one video call coaching session or if you don't feel comfortable with one on one session then, email coaching sessions are for you.

What is Email Coaching?

Email coaching requires no phone calls or appointments. You will receive reason why this particular issue is showing up and how you can resolve it, exact solution. Every email is deliver best value to each client by providing the best solution.

How It Works

After you have sent payment for the package of your choice, I will contact you via email requesting details of a current situation or dilemma you would like to address.

Afterward, you will get a full analysis of your story and specific advice and exercises that you will be able to put into practice right away.

I am going to help you & guide you:

  1. Reveal your subconscious block and going to the core of what has been blocking your success (or bringing you back to square one) until now.
  2. Letting go of your limiting beliefs, fears, past traumas, and resistance.
  3. Build a strong foundation based on your new beliefs and awareness.
  4. Take action backed up by your new convictions (story).
  5. Aligning with your new-self
  6. Learning how to take action from your vision rather than toward your vision.

Email Coaching Packages


5-Email Coaching Session

10- Email Coaching Session