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Want Preeti to mentor you?

An Intuitive Life Coach with Immense experience

I understand what it’s like to feel lonely, disconnected and longing for support, guidance, and connection as we navigate our decisions and our lives we desire for a perfect journey each day. I offer my clients a space to express their desires freely and furthermore, I support them by leveraging the power of tools and practices that helped me a lot. When we realize what it is we need and want then we are developing in confidence and self-confidence and belief and we begin to grow a deeper relationship with ourselves. Thus, this makes us passionate about our wants and needs and opens the door for what we need to flow in. We can create everything we desire in our life, including having unlimited abundance in all areas; feeling purposeful and fulfilled, having loving relationships, and feeling our best in mind, body, and spirit. This all can be achieved with our thoughts and actions.

  • Are you ready to live limitlessly?

  • Are you ready to uplevel your life?

  • Are you ready to go after that business you have always wanted?

  • Are you ready to create the happiest and incredible life?

  • Are you ready to pursue your passions?

Benefits of Life Coaching


Get a clear direction and gain clarity about what you want, why you want it and how you can get it.


Improve your confidence and get success in your workplace, physical health, and intimate relationships.


Recognize your fears and allow yourself to overcome them to drive yourself towards achievement.


With a life coach, you get through visualization and exercises to get a clearer picture of your future-self.

If yes, then welcome to my one on one online coaching program specifically designed to solve all your issues and problems in life and to give you all the richness of life.

At some point, everyone feels a powerful desire for fulfillment, satisfaction, joy, power, and prosperity. Feeling hungry for massive success?

Now It is the right time for you to enjoy this incredible privilege. Join me for your massive dose of positive mind shifts, empowerment, personality development, and advance manifestation.

Get truly Transformational Results.
“Climb high; Climb far.
Your goal the sky; Your aim the star”

I have helped lots of people worldwide to change their lives and to live their dream life. You can also live the kind of life which you have always dreamt

Following are the mentoring areas:

  • Personal Development
  • Business/ Career/ Finance Growth
  • Love Life & Relationship
  • Counseling & Guidance
  • Emotional and energy Healing

Consultation mode:

Book your consultation today with Preeti Sagar and start your journey .

Wherever you are in the world, I can help you transform your life with my incredible coaching programs which include mindset training and manifestation techniques.

I use various tools and actionable strategies that help my clients get what they really want.

I offer individual sessions online that means coaching is now available worldwide- one on one,personal coaching through Skype/ zoom. You can also attend the sessions over the phone or attend a face to face meeting personally.

In this coaching program, we will make a strategic plan for your goal which will eliminate the gap between you and your goal.

I am super excited to work with you and help you to reach your personal or professional goal.

What Our Programme Will Give You?

  • An unforgettable experience with an extraordinary intimate mastermind environment.

  • A phenomenal coaching program with ongoing direct mentorship from me.

  • You will be able to set you up for extraordinary success with each and every manifesting techniques used by me.

  • Powerful and ever-growing money and success mindset that you will have for the entire life.

  • Effective close support and guidance from me.

  • You will be totally empowered to run a limitlessly successful Life.

  • An incredible experience of fun, happiness, and deep love- without any struggle.

  • A deep sense of happiness, fulfillment, freedom, and abundance.

So hurry up? What are you waiting for? “Don’t Dream It, Just Do It”.

Join my mentoring and make the magic happen! Make an appointment today, I am super excited to work with you and help you in fulfilling all your dreams such as loving relationships, vibrant health, increased prosperity and much more.